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We build Cleanrooms

We provide the most professional cleanroom solutions for clients anywhere in the world.
What that means.

We provide the most robust and broad solutions.

Durable Panels

We provide the best in durability using fire and blast proof panels to give your cleanroom the ultimate in protection.

Efficent Lighting

We provide the best LED lighting solutions as well as other equipment like clocks all certified for use in cleanrooms.

Secure Access

We provide incredibly robust and durable doors and secure them with leading security access equipment.

Our Combined Totals

Satisfied Customers

Doors Mounted

Panels Installed

Cups of Tea/Coffee

We have worked with people all over the world.

World Picture

We have worked with these companies

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  • GE Healthcare Logo
  • Genzyme Logo
  • Gilead Logo
  • GSK Logo
  • Merk Logo
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  • PM Group Logo
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Our Skill Set

Each of our companies have very specialised skills. We deal with every area of cleanroom construction and will be happy to help you with your needs.

We specialise in installing cleanroom partition systems, doors to specialised pipe collars.

Other Skills
  • Detailed Research
  • Comprehensive Design Procedure
  • Close Customer Involvement
  • Proven Track Record

We specialise in installing Fire and Blast Resistant barriers as well as other modular solutions like ceiling systems.

Other Skills
  • Modular Design Expertise
  • Wide Scope Solutions
  • Certified Products and Fitters
  • Experienced Staff

We specialise in installing bespoke LED lighting for the high end pharmaceutical sectors.

Other Skills
  • Industry Certified Products
  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Product Design
  • Multifunctional Solutions

We specialise in installing interlock systems, automatic doors and security systems installations.

Other Skills
  • Detailed Design
  • Expert and Experienced Implementation
  • Well Trusted Name
  • Professional and Efficent Staff

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